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Life Science Leader Providing Innovative Digital Transformation  Solutions

Reduce Deviations by 80%    Reduce Labor Cost Spent on Documentation by 90%    Reduce Lead Time Quality Levels by 60%


Intelligent AI Digital Data Capture with "No Touch" Documentation

  • Automatically create digital manufacturing records and uses AI to identify the root cause of deviations.

  • Enables real-time performance monitoring and compliance management, analyzes the root cause of deviations from proper operating procedures, gives users advice on how to improve efficiency and creates manufacturing records and audit reports

Intelligent Hyper Automated Decision Making Platform 

  • Faster Decision Making with real time access to Data Analytics and Insights over a simple conversational interface.


  • Hyper Automated Reporting using AI powered Inferencing Algorithms to build data connections across the Data Sprawl and builds a Rich Knowledge Store

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