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Two CCAD’s objectives /mission is to…


  • Overhaul, repair, modify, retrofit, test and modernize helicopters, engines and components for   all services and foreign military customers

  • Provide worldwide on-site maintenance services, aircraft crash analysis, lubricating oil analysis, and chemical, metallurgical and training support


CCAD Critical Issues:

  • Apaches / Blackhawk’s etc come in damaged and in need of repair 

  • Strong need to reduce time it takes to assess / repair / return

  • Prior to implementing lean mfg. it took from 180-200 days to complete process

  • Currently at 140-160 days avg.

  • Key problem – Communicating Data and timeliness of the Data

Results:  Reduced the man-hour requirements by half and the total cycle time more than 50% by reducing additional steps of manual data entry.

Total estimated savings per aircraft with improved data entry

72 Days 672 hrs X $110.00/hr = $73,920.00 per aircraft

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