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Multiple Asset Management Systems currently utilized at MERCK demand extensive effort (time/ resources) including performing physical inventory, paper documentation, and tracking of calibration cycles to remain GxP compliant

Goal: RFID to address inefficiencies and track assets through lifecycle. Integrate with existing asset ledger and inventory systems (SAP/ MAXIMO). Support the MRL Capital & Fixed Asset Process Redesign associated with equipment support costs.

Results: Based on 3 laboratories and up to 100 total pieces of equipment to be tagged and approximately 20 pieces of handheld / mobile equipment.

1. The iAsset solution against the functional requirements outlined in the evaluation successfully demonstrated the ability to meet ALL the requirements.

 2. The iAssetGather software was extremely easy to use and navigate by the end users and demonstrated SIGNIFICANT improvements over current asset management system.

3. Most notably, the solution offers a substantial reduction of time (approximately 20 fold) in performing a physical inventory of assets and the ability to retain attachments provides an opportunity for integration of a paperless asset management system.

 4. The customizable alerts provide enhanced ability to maintain tacking of assets.

 5. The knowledge and availability of QUADRAS's support resources allowed for rapid deployment of customization to meet MERCK’s standards.

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